Does my daughter need beach volleyball experience to be part of the camp?

Yes. We strongly recommend that campers have enough experience to be competent in the fundamental skills and able to listen to instruction. This will help to be partnered and grouped appropriately.

Is there an age limit for the camp?

Yes. The ages are between 8th grade to 12th grade (entering Fall 2019). However, if the participant is younger and you feel the caliber and experience is sufficient to be at an appropriate level, please contact Marcio Sicoli at idrills1@gmail.com.

Are there refunds?

Please reference our policies on the website under DOCUMENTS and download the "Cancel/Refund Policy" page.

Are parents allowed to stay and observe the beach volleyball sessions?

Yes. Parents are welcome to stay and observe the volleyball sessions at Zuma, and to observe the BVR training. However, they are not permitted to stay overnight on campus.